Return To Nature

Health is not merely absence of disease but the well being in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The concept of treating body as an assembly of independent parts, hitherto adopted by the medical world has been proved ineffective and the new concept of treating the body as an indivisible unit is gaining momentum all over the world.

Drugs taken can relieve pain or give the sense of comfort till the inner intelligence balances the system and completely alleviates the disease. Relief of symptom is not cure. Naturopathy is an outstanding and unique system of medicine which offers you a holistic health through the combination of all drugless therapies like Natural therapies, Yogic therapy, Acupuncture and reflexology, Magneto therapy, Electrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Reiki and Pranic healings. This Institute will help you to understand the Nature’s language. You are your own best Teacher. Learn to return to yourself. The Hospital also has a swimming pool, library, a well established computerized clinical laboratory with body fat analyzer and recreation centre. Visits to Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala and other places of interest in and around it will be arranged on request before discharge.

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