Rules and Regulations of the Hospital
  1. Cooking separately, use of stimulants like tea, coffee, Tobacco, Alcohol, pan and food items brought from outside are strictly prohibited.

  2. Discharge before the prescribed duration is liable for fine.

  3. Attendants are allowed only in special cases with the permission of the Medical Officer.

  4. Patients are required to involve him / her in all routine activities of the hospital.

  5. During the course of the stay, patients are not allowed to go out of the campus.

  6. Patients should bring their own Yoga dress males, shorts & T-Shirts, female Chudidhara, selver commize and other personal requirements.

  7. Strict discipline and cleanliness are to be maintained by the Inamtes of the Hospital.

  8. All the dues and bills are to be settle a day before discharge

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