Yoga Therapy
The Healing aspect of Yoga is taken into consideration because it is one of the best tools to uproot the problems which originate in mind and manifest in the body. It also takes one towards developing the positive frame of mind and achieves the holistic (total) health.

The Yogic Therapy includes other finer aspects like Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Shatkriya's, counseling and positive talking which is of very high therapeutic value, in stress induce disorders."Stability" the main stay of life can be achieved by practicing asanas. It shapes the body and mind to attain holistic health.

Pranayama is an important means to have control over the mind. It also helps to relax and correct the faulty breathing pattern. On the whole the type of instructions and methodology adopted at this centre will help to overcome psychosomatics disorders.

Dhyana (Meditation)
It is effortless, uninterrupted flow of thoughts towards single objects which helps in slowing down the speed of mind.

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